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Thursday, September 08, 2005

1st borns birthday

Well, big day it was today, it was daughters 18th birthday, doesn't seem that long ago that I was changing her nappies & burping her, geeze time flies! It still surprises me that I have kids that old especially when I feel like a kid myself.
We went out of town & had a mother-daughter know, the kind of day where she shops & you pay LOL, I enjoyed myself & I know she did.
Talking of shopping...don't you find it annoying going into a shop & every 2 seconds have an assistant asking "do you need help?......have you made up your mind?....have you got any idea on what you looking for?.....GRRRRRRR in the end I wanted to grab the last one by the ears & shake her...geeze, do they teach them how to annoy a customer when they get the blardy job because everyone of them did it.

You know I never dreamed I'd hit the ripe old age of 39 (september) with an 18 year old daughter in tow....turning 30 scared the crapola out of me, I thought that was it, my life was over, I was old, nothing left to do other than wait to get wrinkled up & die. Now, I don't give a shit...I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm getting old and other that winning lotto (yea right! Dreams are free I suppose!) to remove those sags, bags & wrinkles when they come theres not a lot else I can do about looking like a withered up old prune LOL....but I'll still be standing here fighting Mr old age & giving him the big ol' finger!...."catch me if ya can you bastard!!!!!"

Anyway, back to my daughter.
18!!!!! WOW!!!!!
"I'm old enough to buy smokes!" - she doesn't smoke LOL
"I'm old enough to get into clubs!" - the nightmare begins LOL
"I'm old enough to drink & buy my own!" - yea yea whatever LOL
"I'm blardy 18!" - still not old enough to be blardy grounded! LOL
"Did you know...I'm 18!!" (she does a little dance) - Mum nods & smiles with fingers in her ears LOL.

Shes leaving home next year & I'm so going to miss my baby, shes going to get a degree in Advertising & Marketing....proud mummy here But for the life of me I dunno how shes going to look after herself. Shes never learned how to cook..never wanted to - "I can make toast & noodles...what more do ya want!" (pmsl) or "When I come home for the weekends you can cook me meals to take home & freeze" The blardy cheek of it LOL. Well its going to come as a big shock to her when she gets out into the big old wide world eh. can't live with them but you certainly can't live without them either!

Anyway...time to sign off, got to get ready for I love a blardy hole in the head LOL



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